Long life puja 
A puja (Tse Lha Nam Sum/tib.) which includes three longevity Buddhas – Amitayus, Ushnishavijaya and White Tara – in order to increase the energy of life, merits and power.

Pujas to support your activities and protect you against obstacles:

Green Tara ritual 
Tara is especially quick in granting success in obtaining both temporal and the ultimate happiness of enlightenment. She can save us from life-threatening sicknesses, help us recover from sickness, bring us success and happiness in life in general, protect us from fears, help us have a child and the like. She is especially recommended in all family matters. 

Mahakala ritual

Mahakala puja is performed to eliminate obstacles in daily life – during a journey, when starting a new job, our activities become successful – and challenges to one’s spiritual practice and to enrich one’s life and virtue and wisdom. 

Medicine Buddha ritual

Most commonly this puja is performed to support the recovery of a person undergoing treatment or surgery. It is also performed for the deceased, to help them take rebirth in the higher realms. 

Avalokiteshvara ritual

Avalokiteshvara  puja is performed to develop and increase loving compassion in daily life and that the activities become successful.

Simhanada ritual 

The primary activity is to remove sickness, especially those caused by nagas.

White Mahakala ritual 

This puja is performed to bring generosity and good fortune to our lives.

White Mahakala is famous for removing obstacles to our practice involving lack of support, resources or prosperity, which limit our ability to help other beings. He is the Mahakala who relieves poverty and brings us prosperity. 

Cha Sum ritual (A Protector Puja)

This puja is good for healing illnesses, curing bad dreams and ill omens. It is well indicated for those who have to undergo major medical procedures etc., and can also be performed to purify the energy in homes and dwellings. 

Naga ritual 

The Naga ritual is said to have the power to increase one’s wealth, fame, health and merits. It is also indicated to increase resources, peace and prosperity, and eliminate obstacles and sickness, especially skin-related diseases. 

Pujas for the deceased

Vairocana ritual for the deceased 
Vajrayogini ritual for the deceased
Amitabha aspiration prayer
Samantabhadra prayer