Lücc 20, Alto Malcantone, Ticino 6939, Switzerland


Tel : 0041 91 600 32 15
E-mail : tcling@ticino.com

About Us

The Thupten Changchup Ling is a Tibetan Buddhism center of the Sakya tradition located in Arosio, amidst the picturesque hills of Malcantone. It was founded by Khenchen Sherab in 1978. The name Thupten Changchup Ling means “Place where I keep the teachings of the Buddha.” Despite being a small center, it had the honor of being one of the main places where Venerable Lama Sherab regularly imparted his teachings and hosted many times some of the most important Masters of Tibetan Buddhism. Additionally, a very approachable Tibetan Lama resides at the center, welcoming those interested.

The purpose of Thupten Changchup Ling is to promote and stimulate spiritual development, as well as to offer the opportunity for all interested individuals to deepen their self-knowledge and find inner peace and completeness through meditation, study, and reflection. With this objective, the center offers various regular activities such as seminars, teachings, meditations, and rituals, both in the warm and relaxing atmosphere of the Tibetan temple and in the beautiful surrounding nature, where a Stupa is also located—a typical sacred structure representing the enlightened mind, aimed at spreading peace to all beings. As a Buddhist center, it emphasizes the authentic teachings of the Buddha, but it also considers all the great spiritual and philosophical traditions of humanity.